MiniHub Wi-Fi gateway

  1. Write down the WiFi password of the gateway. The password for this network is printed on the back panel of the device under WiFi PW.
  1. Plug the MiniHub gateway into a wall socket. You can also use a USB charger and the USB-C cable provided to power the gateway. For indoor uses, the gateway should ideally be installed in the same room as the iLink and must have access to the WiFi.

  2. Push and hold the SETUP button for 10 seconds until the LED blinks rapidly in RED.

  1. The gateway now exposes a WiFi Access Point whose SSID is MINIHUB-xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the last 6 digits of the gateway ID.
  1. With your computer or your smartphone, connect to the WiFi Access Point of the gateway. Use the password you wrote down during step one.

  2. Using a web browser, open the configuration webpage of the gateway to access the WiFi config page.

  3. Under Scanned Networks, select your WiFi network and enter the password if it is a closed network.

  1. Click on the Save and Reboot button.

  2. If your configuration was successful, the status LED will turn to solid GREEN after a few seconds.