Droople Cloud Platform API

Droople's Cloud Platform API is an HTTPS REST API enabling partners and customers to integrate the data collected from their devices into their own systems.


How can I get an API key ?

To get your API Key, first create an account.

Your API key is available in your user profile.

If you don't see an API key here, API access has not been enabled for your user. You can request an API key by contacting [email protected].

How to use the API key?

You need to put in the “x-api-key” header when performing an HTTPS REST operation to our backend.

Our API endpoint is https://api.droople.com


What data types does Droople handle?

  • Cycles (a cycle is a single usage of the dispenser)
  • Flow quantity
  • Flow temperature
  • Amount of time the water is flowing
  • Voltage of the device battery
  • Flow rate

What is a cycle?

A cycle represents water activity. When water was not flowing for a few seconds and starts flowing again through the sensor, that is a cycle beginning. The end of the cycle is when the water stops flowing for a few seconds.

What about data safety and security?

All communications are encrypted end-to-end, from the device, to the cloud, to the user. Additionally, 100% of cloud access requires authentication and tenants cannot access other tenants data. Only Customers can access their data, and the Droople Support Team exclusively for customer support purposes.

How can I download the data without using the API?

If you just want to get the data out of the platform for post-processing, it would be easier to just use the CSV export function on the charts:

  • select the assets you want to export by ticking the box in front of them
  • click on "Compare selection"
  • select the appropriate time period for the data and click "Reload"
  • click on the "CSV" button on the top right corner of the chart

What are the API rate limitations?

On average you can do 1 request per second. However, we allow bursts of up to 10 requests at once.

You can do maximum 2'000 requests per day.